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Luis Sierra
 Antigua, Guatemala, ANTIGUA AREA
  (502) 7965.2641

Luis Sierra was born and raised in Guatemala. He spent over 20 years living in the Washington, DC, and Cape Cod, MA areas. In 2008, he earned a BA in International Economic Relations from American University in Washington, DC. Luis specializes in SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and personal finances.

As a former business owner in Antigua, he has a passion for customer service, with client satisfaction embedded in his DNA.

As the trusted real estate and business advisor for my clients, I understand that selling or buying a home or business is complex and deeply personal. There is a lot at stake financially and emotionally. This understanding drives me to be an expert at my job. I know the market, the key players, and all the variables involved in real estate transactions.

My goal is to ensure you feel supported and have a trusted advisor by your side.

As a seller, you want to market your home effectively and beautifully, then negotiate to secure the highest possible price and the best terms.

As a buyer, you need a patient yet assertive partner to help you find the right home at the best possible price, ensuring you don’t leave any money on the table. This is where our team steps in, partnering with you as your consultant, negotiator, and project manager.

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