House Hunters International features Antigua, Guatemala!

House Hunters International filmed its Guatemalan episode in Antigua during Easter Week’s festivities (Semana Santa). I am proud to have been chosen as the real estate agent, and to have helped the Crist family get comfortably settled here in Antigua. Antigua is a fantastic and unique place to live. View the video below featuring Guatemala and it's amazing places and people.



Selling your home or property means doing more than putting a "For Sale" sign out front. In a competitive market where new homes for sale are added daily, your listing needs to be seen in a variety of places in order to stand out. Sometimes the right buyer is waiting in Guatemala City, or in another country. To ensure sure your home gets noticed and sells consider working with a top professional. It could mean the difference between no sale, and the results you've been waiting for. 

  • Marketing Your  Home
  • Tips on Preparing Your Home for Sale

Five Reasons to Sell your home with a REALTOR®

  1. Sell with a custom marketing plan.
  2. Get your home listed and talked about everywhere, not just in the local paper and on your street.
  3. Attract buyers via the Internet.
  4. Have all the paperwork taken care of for you.
  5. Negotiate with the help of a real estate professional.

As your Agent, we'll quickly put together a custom marketing plan with an effective price. A well-priced home will often generate competing offers and drive up the final sale value. Since there is no public disclosure of prices that comparable home have sold for recently in Guatemala you can run a risk of under or over pricing your home. We have been in the Antigua real estate market for over 22 years and have the largest number of Antigua listings. This means we have the comparative market analysis data you need to make an informed decision about price. Our data takes into account the most actively searched prices, and home values throughout your area, including expired listings, and properties still on the market.

In marketing your home, we also develop a listing that emphasizes its unique and sellable aspects. We then put your home in front of thousands of buyers, establishing it on the local homes listings as well as broader ones, new listings sheets, and Realtor publications. Our network of professional real estate contacts and buyers throughout the country will also have the opportunity to check out your listing. In addition, we'll use the Internet, and this professionally optimized website, to make your listing highly visible. With more than 95 per cent of buyers checking the web first when looking for a home, that's a part of your marketing strategy you can't afford to miss.

Without the help of a Realtor, marketing your home can be time consuming and difficult. Advertising in the media is often expensive, and many buyers are reluctant to consider homes listed "For Sale by Owner."

When we list your home, we do so at no additional cost. When you start to get offers, we can represent you during the emotionally charged negotiating process and ensure you get the best price, with favorable closing terms that are clearly spelled out. As your professional aides, we also and take care of all paperwork related to the sale.

For most of us, our home is our biggest investment. When it's time to sell, get the value you deserve with the help of a professional Realtor. If you'd like to get in touch about your next home sale today, please contact us whenever you'd like.


Thankfully, Antigua has maintained is desirability as the best place to live in Guatemala.

Prices have leveled out from 2008, and early 2009, and from January 2010, the market has seen a marked increase in activity.

Buyers are certainly looking at all available options in the marketplace at the moment, and decisions are being made as to value for dollar.
Houses in 2008 that would normally have been sold in 30 to 45 days, are now taking 60 to 90 days.
This certainly relates to buyers searching the market for every possible option.


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